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199801M - 26 Feb 1998 - Valletta European City of Culture 1998
Lovely souvenier sheet issued my Maltapost to commemorate the naming of Valletta as European City of Culture for June 1998. One of the nicest stamps ever issued by Maltapost, and was voted stamp of the year for 1998.

Available in MINT and USED. We will ask you how you want it after we receive your order.

Valletta European City of Culture 1998

Price : $4.00      

200206M - 25 Sep 2002 - Cacti and Succulents Souvenier Postcards
Beautiful set of 5 postcards showing the five Cactus stamps issued on 25 Sept 2002.

The five stamps each feature a very rare cactus or succulent. Cultivating these plants has become a very popular hobby, captivating the interests of many people.

The stamps feature:
  • Yavia cryptocarpa (1c)
  • Aztekium hintonii (7c)
  • Pseudolithos migiurtinus (28c)
  • Pierrebraunia brauniorum (37c)
  • Euphorbia turbiniformis (76c)

Cacti and Succulents Souvenier Postcards

Price : $6.70      

200302P - 26 Feb 2003 - Vintage Cars Souvenier Postcards
Beautiful set of 5 souvenier postcards featuring the set of stamps issued on 26 Feb 2003.

This set features some vintage old cars, some of which can still be seen running around on our roads.

The set features:

  • 1965 Vanden Plas Princess (2c)

  • 1948 Allard "M" Type (7c)

  • 1904 Cadillac Model "B" (10c)

  • 1936 Fiat 500 Topolino (26c)

  • 1965 Ford Anglia (35c)

Vintage Cars Souvenier Postcards

Price : $4.00      

MIXT01 - 01 Jan 2003 - 100 Malta stamps, all different
Collection of 100 postally used stamps from Malta. Excellent taster of Maltese philately !

Stamp(s) pictured may not necessarily be included in the packet you purchase.

100 Malta stamps, all different

Price : $9.00      

PANDA01 - 2002 - 2002 1oz Silver 10 Yuan Chinese Panda Coin
A very nice coin and addition to any collection. Comes in the hard plastic case enclosed in the soft vinyl pouch as issued by the People's Republic Mint of China.

2002 1oz Silver 10 Yuan Chinese Panda Coin

Price : $30.00      

PEDESTAL - 25 Sep 2002 - Operation Pedestal: 50th Anniversary
Souvenier postcard issued to commemorate the 50th annniversary of Operation Pedestal, which came to a successful end on the 15th August 1942. This was the day that saved Malta from the misery of famine that prevailed during the Second World War. The arrival of the tanker Ohio, full of provisions, was the one key event that enabled Malta to eventually win the war.

The postcard shows the Ohio entering Grand Harbour. It also features the 1994 stamp (face value 75c) that had been issued to commemorate this event.

Operation Pedestal: 50th Anniversary

Price : $4.75      

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