Malta FDCs Online ... 2002 Catalogue

200201 - 30 Jan 2002 - Seahorses
Wonderful set of 4 stamps depicting these tiny and delicate sea creatures. The stamps are printed with the authorization of the WWF, and feature two species: Hippocampus hippocampus and Hippocampus guttulatus.

The set consists of 4 stamps, 2 of 6c denomination, and 2 of 16c.


Price : $5.00      

200202 - 27 Mar 2002 - Antique Maltese Furniture
Beautiful set of 5 stamps, featuring Maltese furniture as it was in the past. Maltese furniture has been influenced by local customs, available materials as well as by the impact of other European styles. We have therefore had various styles throughout the centuries, such that antique Maltese furniture nowadays is highly sought after, both locally and abroad. It therefore fetches very high prices at auctions.

The stamps feature:

  • Early 18th Century Commode (2c)
  • 17th Century Bureau Cabinet (4c)
  • 17th Century Centre Table (11c)
  • 18th Century Corner Cupboard (26c)
  • 17th Century Chest of Drawers (60c)

Antique Maltese Furniture

Price : $7.00      

200203 - 09 May 2002 - EUROPA 2002
This year's EUROPA set consists of just 1 stamp, commemorating circus life. The stamp, of 16c face value in fact shows the painted face of a child clown. Clowns, as everyone knows, are the pillars of most circus acts.


Price : $5.00      

200204 - 26 Jun 2002 - Moths and Butterflies
Beautiful souvenier sheet showing the various species of moths and butterflies that can be found in the maltese countryside throught the year. A must for all collectors of this topic.

The species featured are:

  • Maltese Spurge Hawkmoth (Bahrija tat-Tenghud)
  • Crimson Speckled Moth (Is-Sbejha)
  • No English Name (Bahrija tar-Rummien)
  • Maltese Ruby Tiger Moth (Ir-Rubin)
  • Painted Lady (Farfett tax-Xewk)
  • Common Blue (Farfett tal-Anglu)
  • European Brimstone (Farfett tas-Sigra tz-Ziju)
  • Red Admiral (Farfett tal-Hurrieq)
  • No English Name (Qejjies tat-Tenghud)
  • Humming-Bird Hawkmoth (Habbara)
  • Oak Eggar (Bahrija tal-Ballut)
  • Red Underwing (Elokata)
  • Maltese Meadow Brown (Kannella Kbir)
  • Large Cabbage White Butterfly (Farfett tal-Kabocci)
  • Maltese Swallowtail (Farfett tal-Fejgel)
  • The Golden Danaid (Farfett ta' Danaws)

Moths and Butterflies

Price : $9.00      

200205 - 13 Aug 2002 - Maltese Cuisine
A set of stamps and a souvenier sheet that pay a tribute to Maltese cuisine, a typical Mediterranean one ... simple, nutritious and healthy ! And that's because it's basic constituents are fresh vegetables, pasta, legumes, olive oil and tomatoes, together with occasional meat and fish. From these simple ingredients, we have developed the extensive variety of typical Mediterranean dishes.

The stamps feature:
  • Kosksu bil-ful (7c)
  • Qaqocc mimli (12c)
  • Lampuki (16c)
  • Qaqgha tal-kavatelli (27c)
  • Stuffat tal-fenek (75c Souvenier Sheet)

Maltese Cuisine

Price : $10.00      

200206 - 25 Sep 2002 - Cacti and Succulents
Beautiful set of 5 Cactus stamps each featuring a very rare cactus or succulent. Cultivating these plants has become a very popular hobby, captivating the interests of many people.

The stamps feature:

  • Yavia cryptocarpa (1c)

  • Aztekium hintonii (7c)

  • Pseudolithos migiurtinus (28c)

  • Pierrebraunia brauniorum (37c)

  • Euphorbia turbiniformis (76c)

Cacti and Succulents

Price : $6.90      

200207 - 18 Oct 2002 - Personalities
Set of 5 stamps which featuring Maltese people who have distinguished themselves at international level.

These are:
  • Sir Adrian Dingli (1817-1900) (3c)
  • Oreste Kirkop (1923-1988) (7c)
  • Athanasius Kircher (1602-1680) (15c)
  • Saverio Cassar (1746-1825) (35c)
  • Emmanuele Vitale (1759-1802) (50c)


Price : $6.50      

200208 - 20 Nov 2002 - Christmas 2002
This year's Christmas set depicts characters using traditional modes of transport.

Christmas 2002

Price : $7.25      

2002PL - 19 Jan 2002 - Postage Labels (first ever Maltese set)
As many other postal authorities, Maltapost has started to issue postage labels. These will be available from vending machines, thus giving an "after-hours" service.

This FDC includes the 4 different labels issued, each of printed value 6c.

Postage Labels (first ever Maltese set)

Price : $4.00      

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