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Click to Zoom Why magic dates ?? .... well ..... isn't it nice when you say: "Today is 01/01/01 or 02/02/02 .... or whatever ??? Are they lucky dates or not ??

Once a year during the first twelve months of this century, the number of the day will be equal to the number of the month, which will be equal to the number of the year. 


And so, to commemorate such unique dates, Maltapost is issuing a PHILATELIC CARD once a year ...... stamped 01.01.01, 02.02.02 and so on ......


Obviously up to now only three cards have been issued, and they're available at Malta FDCs Online for sale. So DO grab your chance to get hold of them whilst they're still cheap. The whole complete collection will be worth lots of money !!


We're asking $11.00 for the three of them together
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